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noraset said...

Hey, man.

I really enjoy watching your character rigging demo reel; the one you posted with the great facial rig of a character who looks like a cave man on youtube, and I feel like it would be amazing if i can collaborate with you some way somehow.

My name is Noraset. I am a character animator, with over 3 years experiences at Lucasfilm Singapore and now currently a 3D animation lecturer at Digipen Institute of design Singapore. I specialize in many major modules of Maya, but more emphasized in animation.

I always have a passion of making a quality short film to go for any international contest since the day i decide to take animation seriously until now. It would be great if you are sharing the same idea with me.


Really hope to hear back from you.


Kevin said...

Hi Noraset, thanks for you like my rigging demo, and I always want to make a short film, but I need a very good story, very good character design, and I must be make a international Hi quality short film, very hi I think
this is my email, if you have other idea, we can use email contact.

Kevin said...


Noraset said...

Hey, Kevin. Sorry that I didnt check the message on your blog. Thank you very much to reply me.
I will email you with my work email address so that we can keep in touch easier. Right now I'm still developing my idea for the shrot film, however my personal character rig is nearly done. I shall update you later when it is fully uploaded online.

Thanks again.